Clarity comes from letting go

August 12, 2017

Think about every last thing you want. Who you want to be. What you’re afraid of, anxious about, in this moment.

Imagine each thing as a balloon, tied to the ground.

And, one by one, let go.

Even seeing the balloons - knowing what you really want, what you’re really afraid of - requires honesty. Acknowledging what you feel instead of or dancing from distraction to distraction, excusing it, rationalizing it, running away from it, or smothering it. Self-knowledge.

Once you know, are you willing to let go? Tug on a string, and see what you feel. The balloons are who you think you are, the way you think things should be. If it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to unground yourself, is it honest? Every desire we hold on to is another dam stemming the flow of presence, our ability to be with what is. It leads us to see things as we wish they were rather than as they are.

Our minds are adhesive, always sticking to this and that. The world continues on and leaves us behind.

The balloon in your hand is an anchor. You’re not holding the balloon down. It’s the other way around.